Transportation Research Award

The award, which is worth DKK 75,000, is presented every two years as a reward to a man or woman who has made a significant contribution to the development of research and bridge-building in the field of transportation in Denmark.
The nomination committee consists of Professor Britta Gammelgaard, Copenhagen Business School, Professor Otto Anker Nielsen, DTU, Director Anders Hundahl, Chairman of the Danish Transport Economics Association (TØF) and Director Ole Wiberg, Hedorfs Fond.

Previous award winners


Line Reinhardt
Roskilde University Center



Simon Emde
Aarhus University



Allan Larsen
Technical University of Denmark



Stefan Røpke
Technical University of Denmark



Jesper Larsen
Technical University of Denmark



Ole B. Jensen
Aalborg University



David Pisinger
Technical University of Denmark



Mogens Fosgerau
Technical University of Denmark



Britta Gammelgaard
Copenhagen Business School



Otto Anker Nielsen
Technical University of Denmark



Lise Drewes Nielsen
Roskilde University


Addition to existing award (Transportation Research Award)

In addition, we have also introduced a “new” prize, which, like the Transport Research Prize, is awarded every two years and is also worth DKK 75,000

The Transport Prize is awarded annually, focusing in even-numbered years on competence development efforts and in odd-numbered years on transport research.

As formulated in the terms of reference for the award:

The Transport Research Award is presented as a reward to a man or woman who has made a significant contribution to the development of research, and / or made a special effort in relation to competence development of the profession in Denmark within transport, logistics and related disciplines with a significant orientation towards freight transport, including

  • Achieving new insights in transportation research
  • professional, including pedagogical development, for the benefit of transport-related studies
  • Bridging the gap between the many disciplines of transportation research

The research award can be used for a study trip abroad.