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Hedorf's Foundation

We support education and innovation in freight transport and commerce.

We Promote Freight Transport and Trade

Hedorf’s Fond aims to promote trade and transportation in Denmark through financial support for projects and competence development.

The text translated into English is: “The funds at the disposal of the Board of Trustees are generated by the return on the Foundation’s assets, which are invested in securities and real estate.”

The foundation awards scholarship funds every six months.

Focus areas

The Foundation believes that we achieve the greatest possible positive impact per spent Krone if the initiative is not left solely to individuals and institutions, but through a combination of well-defined and targeted application criteria and initiatives where the Foundation itself is also the initiator.


The Foundation could take the initiative to support relevant short training courses through collaboration with industry organizations. This is in order to enhance and standardize training paths across organizations, including supporting career paths in the public education system, from basic education to master level.


In the future, the foundation wants to encourage students in existing education programs to complete their academy programs and support the diploma programs in freight transport, where the academy level is a prerequisite. The foundation has previously supported the development of these activities.


Support to attract and retain good and relevant teachers and support the development of teaching materials and/or textbooks.


Implementation of selected research and analysis tasks (defined in whole or in part by the Foundation).


Grants for education and research activities with a documented project related to freight transportation.


Support for PhD projects with a focus on freight transport or educational programs related to the transport industry.


Support for projects that the Foundation may find interesting and that fall within the charter.

Hedorf’s Foundation awards two different prizes. The Transport Research Prize is awarded every two years. The Education Prize is awarded several times a year.

Two kinds of funding

Hedorf’s Foundation awards travel scholarships to students who want to study abroad in freight transportation and trade.

In addition, we provide financial support for projects and skills development that promote innovation in transportation and trade.